Glitter Bear Learns About Shapes

Interactive Books for Toddlers

If you’re looking for an interactive book for your toddler, definitely look at our book! Unlike all the super basic shapes books out there (which usually consist of one-word pages–see bottom pic) our book is full of descriptions, a playful character/narrative, and it has directions on each page like the book Press Here. It’s wonderfully… Continue reading Interactive Books for Toddlers

Gender-Neutral · Glitter Bear Learns About Shapes

Why Gender-Neutral?

We made Glitter Bear androgynous. That means you won’t find any “he” or “she” pronouns in this book. Children get to identify who Glitter Bear is to them without being pushed or pulled in one direction or another. Why is that? Well…we wanted both boys and girls to love Glitter Bear without having to worry… Continue reading Why Gender-Neutral?