Glitter Bear Book

IMG_20180123_134000_423Sister author and illustrator team, Brittany Roshelle Davis and Krista Rae, announces the debut of their first children’s book: Glitter Bear Learns About Shapes.

Glitter Bear is a colorful, lovable bear that sits down to learn shapes with your child. Unlike basic shapes books with one-word pages, this book offers multi-sensory learning including questions, tactile directions, and positive affirmations on each page. All shapes needed for kindergarten, including the harder to learn shapes oval and rectangle are included in this book. Moreover, much like the best-selling children’s book, Press Here, this book promotes fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination by encouraging your children to engage with the book as they read along. In addition, the book ends with a final review section, giving each child a second chance to strengthen their knowledge of shapes.

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

But that’s not all. Glitter Bear is gender-neutral. You won’t find any “he” or “she” pronouns in this book. Your child gets to identify who Glitter Bear is to them without being pushed or pulled in one direction or another. Glitter Bear was created by two moms who were fed up with the red tape of boy vs. girl books. They wanted to create a fun, educational character that didn’t have any labels.