Glitter Bear Learns About Shapes

Interactive Books for Toddlers

IMG_20180208_214054_460If you’re looking for an interactive book for your toddler, definitely look at our book!

Unlike all the super basic shapes books out there (which usually consist of one-word pages–see bottom pic) our book is full of descriptions, a playful character/narrative, and it has directions on each page like the book Press Here. It’s wonderfully engaging and very creative for its genre.

As a mom, I was dying for a shapes book that was full of vocabulary and one that could help my little one actually learn the shape. That’s why we included tactile directions on each page and we have a review section at the end of the book so you can go over the shapes one more time.

We also have positive affirmations at the end of each page. Up until my son was 4, he loved hearing “Good job!!” after every thing he mastered. We also included all the shapes needed for kindergarten –including the harder to learn Oval and Rectangle shape. I could never find a book that had all the shapes we needed to learn–we wanted you to have everything you need in our book!!

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