Gender-Neutral · Glitter Bear Learns About Shapes

Why Gender-Neutral?

glitter bear tagWe made Glitter Bear androgynous. That means you won’t find any “he” or “she” pronouns in this book. Children get to identify who Glitter Bear is to them without being pushed or pulled in one direction or another.

Why is that?

Well…we wanted both boys and girls to love Glitter Bear without having to worry about it being a girl vs. boy book.

“Originally, my child identified all characters as feminine but as she grew older and learned the difference of boy vs. girl, she rejected all of her books and toys that were for “boys” (Cars, Spiderman, etc.). I didn’t want my child to limit who she is and what she likes based solely on her gender.”

– Krista Rae

“As a mom of a son, I can verify how much boys love pink, glitter, and the endless brightly colored world available to girls. I wanted to create a gender-neutral character full of the same fun and wonder so my son, and many others, could enjoy it without bias.”

-Brittany Roshelle Davis

In summary, we wanted the book to be universally inclusive to all and let the reader decide for themselves who Glitter Bear is to them.

Brittany’s son thinks it’s he and Krista’s daughter decided Glitter Bear was a she. Who is Glitter Bear to you? You decide.


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