About Us

We’re Sisters.

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Growing up, Krista and Brittany, we’re very close sisters with the dream of owning 200 dogs together once they grew up.

Now adults (who still dream big!) they’ve changed their dream to publish 200 children’s books together.

We’re an Author/Illustrator Team.

Brittany Roshelle Davis:

Brittany is a writer at heart. She grew-up to write over 400 articles for magazines, newspapers, and online publications. With a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and two years of research dedicated to social and health psychology, Brittany Roshelle Davis is passionate about children’s education and the best way to build growing minds. This can-do mom is all about pursuing your true passion in life and raising her son in a world without boundaries.

Krista Rae:

Krista Rae is an awakened corporate zombie who has spent too much of her life at a desk either in school or an office. This rebel girl is dedicated to never-ending creativity, dreaming, and breaking societal norms that no longer serve us. She has earned multiple degrees including a B.S. in Psychology and she has over 10 years of experience in graphic design and animation. Krista is also a very passionate mom who believes in inspiring children’s minds and creating a brighter, better future for children everywhere.

If you’d like to contact us, please send an email to: kbwritingsco AT gmail DOT com.